Set of Baskets & Pulleys

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This Set of Baskets & Pulleys offers opportunities for children to problem solve as they learn the mechanics of a pulley system. Children will enjoy interacting with this set, using their creative ideas to help make a functional load lifting system during outdoor learning.


This Set of Baskets & Pulleys are ideal for young learners to explore practical and creative outdoor learning. Children will enjoy creating mechanical systems as they experience movement and direction using this interactive set. Featuring ropes, trolleys, carabiner clips and baskets, engage children's curiosity as they figure out how these resources work together, to lift and move a variety of resources.

Provide interactive and inviting resources for children to develop their communication skills, along with their fine and gross motor skills. As children complete practical problem-solving tasks, their confidence will grow as they develop a sense of achievement and independence in their own abilities.

This collection is great when combined with the ever-popular book, The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch – an ideal story sack set to help bring this story to life!

This Set of Baskets & Pulleys includes:

  • 2 Willow Baskets with handles, approx. H24cm x W20cm x D11cm
  • 2 complete rope hoists, a pair of carabiner kits and a pulley block with ropes, approx. 5m and 1m rope
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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