Set of Poles & Planks

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This Set of Poles & Planks is an essential early years learning resource for the outdoor provision. Made from solid wood and machine finished to a high standard, children can use this set to build and construct creative play spaces, ramps, dens and walkways.


The Set of Poles & Planks comes in two different sizes and the poles slot well into other resources such as the red and blue building crates, making them ideal for use with large covers to make dens and for building constructions such as houses or vehicles.

The planks and poles give children opportunity outdoors to build on a much larger scale which adds physical and creative challenge. What better way to keep physically active than with these large-scale resources that can make endless interesting structures. From simple hideaways to intricate vehicles, the challenges for creative and critical thinking are immense.

The resources spark children’s imagination and generate much problem solving. Most importantly, they test children’s ability to co-operate and work together to manoeuvre, fit and fix them which stimulates communication and inspires closer collaboration. A vital aspect of your outdoor curriculum.

This Set of Poles & Planks includes:

  • 8 Wooden Planks – 4 planks, approx. dimensions L115cm and 4 planks L88cm
  • 4 Wooden Poles – L120cm x Dia 2.5cm
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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