Set of Deckchairs

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This Set of Deckchairs includes two child-sized deckchairs with wooden frames and strong cotton fabric, making it a great addition to your outdoor resources. Whether it is a day out at the beach or a camping trip with friends, this wonderful set of chairs will be enjoyed by young learners.



This Set of Deckchairs will inspire early years children to role play familiar situations and events, collaborating with their peers as they set up spaces to enjoy together.

Support early years children as they learn about social norms, developing their personal, social and emotional skills – encouraging their engagement in collaborative, language rich play. Whether role playing sitting together at the beach or sitting and chatting around a picnic, children will become highly engaged in language rich play using these resources.

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This Set of Deckchairs includes:

  • 2 Outdoor Deckchairs, approx. L60cm x B50cm x H65cm
  • The deckchairs are manufactured with child safety in mind, made from high-quality wood with screw fixings to safely secure them and prevent them from collapsing. Requires assembly by an adult before use
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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Safety Guidance: Working Safely with Deckchairs

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