Set of Garden Tools

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This Set of Garden Tools will support collaboration and physical development in early years children. As they explore nature they will learn how to take care of their environment, practise new skills and develop self-confidence. Engage early years children in holistic learning by offering gardening tools and resources to support forest school teaching in the natural environment.


Establish an enriched environment for outdoor learning with this Set of Garden Tools. Essential equipment to support physical development, as well as encourage holistic learning as children learn how to take care of a garden.

This high-quality Set of Garden Tools features handheld rakes, trowels and spades and are the perfect size for smaller hands – ideal for budding young gardeners to use in the school yard and shared garden. As early years children learn about nature and gardening, they will learn new skills and develop self-confidence. Pottering around the garden, digging and raking soil as they begin to understand the world around them.

To ensure that the outdoor classroom offers extra challenge add practical equipment to inspire children to get active as they explore the natural environment.

This Set of Garden Tools includes:

  • 6 child-sized handheld gardening tools, features 2 rakes, 2 spades and 2 trowels
  • Suitable for age 3 year and over

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