Set of Cones & Cone Tops

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This high-quality Set of Cones & Cone Tops are ideal for developing number recognition during sports activities and games. Make maths fun with this essential outdoor PE equipment to support mathematical thinking, outdoors.


This colourful Set of Cones & Tops are great to use during outdoor number games and are ideal when exploring number recognition during physical activities. Including 12 plastic sports cones in set of 3 green, blue, red and yellow, along with a set of numbered 1-10 cone covers, the set will encourage children to invent and play games.

Encouraging your children to invent and play games outdoors is a great way to bring maths to life. Marvel as children invent their own rules and play collaboratively, embedding their mathematical as well as personal and social skills.

This Set of Cones & Tops includes:

  • Numbered Cone Tops, pack of 10
  • Set of 12 Large Plastic Cones in green, blue, red and yellow, approx. H38cm
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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