Set of Number Mats 0-10

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This Set of Number Mats 0-10 feature soft numbered floor mats and are made with a durable rubber finish - essential resources for teaching counting. Children can line them up using odd and even numbers, and learn to count up to ten. Help children get active as they hop, jump and skip onto them as they engage in mathematical games outdoors!


This Set of Number Mats 0-10 are highly durable, wipeable and also waterproof making them perfect for outdoor play. Encouraging children to invent and play outdoor games can help make maths fun.

Making a large number line, jumping over or hopping onto these numbered floor mats will immerse children in physical activities as they learn how to count. Great for extending children’s understanding of maths as they count odd or even numbers and count up to ten.

At this early stage, children need opportunities to develop mathematical reasoning across all areas of the provision. A carefully planned maths area both indoor and outdoor, provides children with the resources they need to consolidate their learning.

This Set of Number Mats 0 – 10 features:

  • 0 – 10 soft, flexible numbered floor mats with non-slip surface, approx. L30cm x W20.5cm 
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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