Set of A4 Clipboards

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Add this essential Set of A4 Clipboards to your provision to encourage children to develop their problem solving skills as they engage in collaborative play. An ideal resource for children to record rules and scores when engaging in maths games or sports day outdoor activities.



Encouraging children to invent and engage in outdoor maths games is a great way to help make maths fun! Add this Set of Clip Boards to the provision to allow children to effectively record rules and scores as they play.

Providing functional equipment and resources across the provision will enrich learning and develop children's problem solving abilities. As well as supporting writing.and early mark making skills, this Set of Clip Boards can encourage mathematical thinking as children use them to make notes of their findings.

At an early age, children need opportunities to represent their ideas and develop their use of symbols, numbers, drawing and writing as part of their play. With a carefully selected range of outdoor maths games equipment and mark making tools, children’s mathematical problem solving and reasoning will be supported.

This Set of A4 Clipboards features:

  • 6 A4 wooden clipboards, made from durable hardboard with a glazed front for a smooth writing surface
  • suitable for age 3 and over

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