Set of Guttering & Pipe Stands

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Support larger scale outdoor water play with this weather proof Set of Guttering & Pipe Stands. Children will enjoy creating fun water ways as they investigate how water moves, flows and changes direction. Functional equipment to help balance pipes and tubes for effective water channels.


Ensure your outdoor classroom offers extra challenge with this Set of Guttering & Pipes Stands. Children will enjoy investigating the movement of water as they explore STEM concepts using these robust water channel holders.

This Set of Guttering Stands will support investigation, new language and critical thinking as children design and build creative waterways. Developing their problem solving skills as they engage in science, maths and water activities. Children will enjoy balancing pipes, tubing and guttering pieces between the stands to help create exciting water channels.

Having the opportunity to experiment with water on a large scale is exciting for early learners. Establish the benefits of outdoor learning and refresh your provision with this functional water play equipment.

This Set of Guttering & Pipe Stands features:

  • 4 water channel holders, approx. H85cm x W41cm
  • durable metal stands, coated for outdoor use
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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