Set of Jugs, Funnels & Tubing

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This Set of Jugs, Funnels & Tubing has been chosen to support water play and investigation. An ideal set for early years children to experiment with as they explore the properties of water and how it flows. Features transparent tubes, clear pouring jugs and science funnels, this resource is sure to inspire fun water investigations!


Ensure your outdoor classroom offers extra challenge with this ready-made Set of Jugs, Funnels & Tubing. Children will enjoy investigating the movement of water as they explore STEM concepts using this ready-made water play set.

Having the opportunity to experiment with water on a large scale is exciting for early learners. This Set of Jugs, Funnels & Tubing includes clear pouring jugs, plastic science funnels and transparent flexible tubes to encourage investigation, new language and critical thinking during water play. Support problem solving skills in science, maths and creative mark making activities as children build and construct unique water channels with these open-ended resources.

Establish the benefits of outdoor learning and refresh your provision with our curated water play collection.

This Set of Jugs, Funnels & Tubing includes:

  • 2 liquid pouring funnels features 13cm and 18cm
  • 3 plastic jugs with handles, features 1pt, 2pt and 3.5pt
  • 2 clear flexible tubing features approx. 19mm Dia and approx. 25mm Dia, both 2m cut to length
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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