All About Early Excellence

Leading Quality Practice 2-7yrs

All About Early Excellence - Leading Quality Practice 2-7yrs

Welcome to Early Excellence, an organisation passionate about early education.

Established in 1997, Early Excellence has developed a strong reputation for promoting quality practice and provision in EYFS and KS1, with our Curriculum Team consistently supporting the development of inspirational learning 2-7yrs.

As leaders in early primary education, we have become the trusted voice of early years in schools; a highly respected professional organisation supporting Headteachers, Phase Leaders and practitioners to fulfil their roles in securing good outcomes for children.

We aim to help schools understand the unique nature of early years, offering a range of services to support school improvement, guide curriculum development, shape learning and teaching, as well equip outstanding learning environments indoor and out.

You will find information about all of our School Improvment and CPD Services on, with a full range of Learning Resources, Classroom Furniture, Storage and Outdoor Play Equipment here, on

With high-quality Resources carefully curated by our Curriculum Team to inspire young learners – as well as specialist Furniture and Storage designed to support children’s independent learning, and Outdoor Equipment to engage more physical learning opportunities – Early Excellence are ideally placed to help you develop outstanding learning environments for your children.

Ask about our FREE Room Planning Service or Outdoor Consultations, or for a rapid solution to your refurbishment needs choose a Complete Classroom or Complete Provision Areas.

And, whether you are teaching in the UK or an International School, do get in touch whenever you need our help or advice.

With best wishes

Liz Marsden
Early Excellence Founder & CEO