Complete Number Area Set 5-7yrs

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This ready-made Complete Maths Number Area Set 5-7yrs maximises rich opportunities for investigation and problem solving. Featuring open-ended and traditional resources, presented on mid-level classroom furniture complete with natural storage baskets, tables and chairs, this complete provision area will develop children’s number recognition and knowledge.


KS1 children can establish fluency, mathematical reasoning and also approach problem solving in imaginative ways as they investigate resources in this Complete Maths Number Area Set 5-7yrs. With the support and value of adults, children will broaden their maths vocabulary and develop sophisticated language as they describe their mathematical thinking and actions.

Featuring a range of open-ended resources including wooden rings, lolly pop sticks, mini wooden barrels, Tagua counting stones and shells. Complete with number boards, games equipment, mini seasonal maths counters, bean bags, Cuisinaire Rods, dominoes, calculating sticks and abacus counting frames. This Complete Maths Number Area Set 5-7yrs will deepen children’s understanding of mathematical concepts and expand their knowledge of numbers.

Complete with a curated storage set of natural seagrass baskets, displayed on our robust mid-level shelving unit, with two desks and stackable chairs, this ready-made area provides an invaluable solution to rapidly refresh your maths provision.

This Complete Maths Number Area Set 5-7yrs includes:

  • Mid-level Shelving Unit.
  • 2 Large Rectangular Tables with 6 stacking wooden chairs
  • Number Resource Collection 5-7yrs
  • Number Storage Collection 5-7yrs
  • Suitable for age 5 and over

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