Maths Storage Collection 3-4yrs

£69.50 exc. VAT (£83.40 inc. VAT)

This ready-made Maths Storage Collection 3-4yrs offers a rapid solution to help organise early years resources. An essential set of high-quality classroom storage baskets, featuring a strong metal frame, complete with a plastic pen pot and a solid pine handled crate. This curated set will help organise mathematical learning tools, number equipment and counting resources.


This Maths Storage Collection 3-4yrs has been chosen to effectively organise and display mathematical resources, to maximise learning opportunities for counting and number recognition. As EYFS children engage with number cards, counting frames, dice, open-ended counting pieces and shapes, they will develop problem solving skills as they sort, order, match and compare.

Having well organised classroom provision will enrich the environment and enable children to independently choose equipment with confidence. Giving them more time to play, learn and explore.

Invest in this curated storage set for a cost effective classroom storage solution.

This Maths Storage Collection 3-4yrs includes:

  • 1 short plastic pot approx. 9cm x 9cm x 6.5cm
  • 4 small square seagrass baskets, each approx. 16cm x 16cm x 7.5cm
  • 2 medium square seagrass baskets, approx. 20cm x 20cm x 8.5cm
  • 2 large square seagrass baskets, approx. 22.5cm x 22.5cm x 9cm
  • 1 A4 Seagrass tray, approx. 35cm x 27cm x 8cm
  • 1 Solid Pine Wooden Box with Hole Handles approx. 30cm x 20cm x 13cm
  • Due to the metal frame, this storage is not recommended for an Under 3’s environment
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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