Velcro Display Board for High Level Unit

£70.00 exc. VAT (£84.00 inc. VAT)

This Velcro Display Board available in two sizes, is ideal for use in EYFS and KS1 classrooms. It offers a neutral surface for classroom displays that will help children’s work to stand-out.  When fixed at a low level within provision, children will be able to add their own work easily. Made of quality materials and fittings, it will stand the test of time.


Board Size:


This Velcro Display Board is available in two sizes. It can be placed anywhere in your classroom to bring new ideas to life, as well as to display children’s work in early years, Y1 and Y2 . Offering a neutral background on which to display images, text and examples of children’s work, the pale colour of the Velcro fabric on the display board will compliment both earthy tones and brightly coloured displays.

Attached at eye level around your classroom walls it will become an integral part of your display and, when fixed at low level.  It can also be used in a variety of ways; to offer key words, images and provocations within provision, to support self-registration,  and as part of small group story telling sessions.

Choose from the following options:  

  • Mid-level Velcro Display Board
    Dimensions: H81 x W85 x D1cm 
    This size is used on the back of our Mid-level Units.  Here it can be ordered separately to enable you to fix it to a wall.
  • High-level Velcro Display Board
    Dimensions: H101 x W120 x D1cm
    This size is used on the back of our High-level Units.  Here it can be ordered separately to enable you to fix it to a wall.

Please Note: 

To order a Velcro Display Board fixed to the back of a mid-level or high-level unit, shop our Shelving & Mobile Units 

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All of our furniture is manufactured in the UK using wood-based panel products certified by PEFC and/or FSC. This means that the timber is from verified, well-managed forests, which ensures a renewable and sustainable resource with the lowest possible environmental impact.


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