High Level Paint Easel (Wing Back)

Code: HLPE2
£445.00 exc. VAT (£534.00 inc. VAT)
This High-Level Paint Easel provides side by side painting for two children. The design includes a wide shelf for the water pots and pallets, simple clips that are easy to use and shelves for storing paper, brushes and other stimulus....
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This High-Level Paint Easel is available in two style options, Straight Back and Wing Back, with display boards, magnetic whiteboards and mirror backs available on the wing back. Our furniture is delivered fully assembled.

Features fixed easel clips to hold paper, card and children’s work.

Avoid Returns: Choose from the following options  

  • Option A – Straight Back / NOT designed to stand independently
    This type MUST NOT stand on its own without support. It is designed to stand flush against a wall or back to back with another straight back unit. This ensures its safety and will prevent it from toppling over.
    Dimensions: H105 x L125 x D40cm.
  • Option B –Wing Back / Designed to stand independently
    This style is secure to stand on its own in the middle of a room or at right angles to a wall and is what most people order. The winged design of the side panel gives this unit stability, allowing it to be safely places anywhere in a room, freestanding.
    Dimensions: H105 x L125 x D52cm.
  • Option C – Add Velcro Display Board
    Choose option C if you want to add a Velcro pinboard to the back of a Wing Back Unit, providing low level display for children’s work, photos, signs and labels.
    Dimensions: L100 x W120cm.
  • Option D – Add Magnetic White Board
    Choose option D if you want to add a magnetic whiteboard to the back of a Wing Back Unit, enabling children to record their ideas, develop stories, draw maps and plans as well as use magnetic objects, letters and numbers
    Dimensions: L90 x W120cm.
  • Option E – Add Perspex Mirror
    Choose option E if you want to add a mirrored surface to the back of a Wing Back Unit, adding a mirror to your role play or dressing-up area.
    Dimensions: L90 x W120cm.

Sustainable Forestry & Certification
All of our furniture is manufactured in the UK using wood-based panel products certified by PEFC and/or FSC. This means that the timber is from verified, well-managed forests, which ensures a renewable and sustainable resource with the lowest possible environmental impact.

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