Set of Cow Bells

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This traditional Set of Cow Bells will support early co-ordination as children tap and bang these interactive resources, using the little wooden drumstick to create clanking noises. Children will enjoy experimenting with the sounds that they hear, beginning to move their bodies to rhythms they make as they explore percussion and dance!



This colourful Set of Cow Bells will support children’s coordination as they play and experiment with the sounds that these traditional musical instruments create – moving their bodies to a beat and a rhythm. As children explore percussion instruments they will begin to recognise the texture of sound and the tone an object makes.

The music provision is an invaluable area for active learning. Exploring sound, dance and rhythm is a highly creative experience where children can express their ideas and feelings through another media.

Boost creative expression and support personal, social and emotional development in your classroom with this inviting early years resource set.

This Set of Cow Bells includes:

  • 2 colourful cow bells with wooden handles and 2 wooden mini drumsticks, approx. dimensions 18cm
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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