Complete Paint Easel Area 4-5yrs

£415.00 exc. VAT (£498.00 inc. VAT)

Empower children’s expressive art and design skills by offering a carefully curated and organised workshop area. This ready-made Complete Paint Easel Area 4-5yrs offers a set of high-quality storage including A4 tidy trays, pen and paint pots, suitably displayed on our robust high-level paint easel furniture unit. Developed to help you rapidly organise artistic tools, materials and equipment, allowing for children to freely access resources as they learn and play.


Provide opportunities for young children to express themselves using mixed media with this Complete Paint Easel Area 4-5yrs. Displaying classroom stationery and craft materials in a neatly organised space, will inspire children to engage in art and design activities, and encourage them to help keep things tidy.

As children engage with artistic tools such as pencils, crayons, felt tips and paint, their self-esteem will develop as they make choices and experiment with their creative flair. This Complete Paint Easel Area 4-5yrs includes a carefully curated storage selection that fits suitably on our robust high-level furniture unit. All of our classroom and nursery furniture is made in the UK and is built to withstand a busy classroom.

Invest in this ready-made provision area to help you rapidly organise your creative and craft resources.

This Complete Paint Easel Area 4-5yrs includes:

  • High-level Paint Easel
  • Paint Easel Storage Collection 4-5yrs
  • Suitable for age 4 and over

Many of our resources are produced in a variety of colours and styles and may vary slightly from those shown, however we guarantee that you will always receive the same quality and value.

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