Sand In Miniature Resource Collection

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Encourage young children to explore the tactile sensory qualities of dry sand with this ready-made Sand In Miniature Resource Collection. As children move, hold and pour this open-ended natural resource, interacting with these essential sand tools, they will engage in early scientific and mathematical thinking.


This ready-made Sand In Miniature Resource Collection maximises opportunities for dry sand as an open-ended resource. Support children’s natural desire to experiment and explore new skills through dry sand play to support maths, science and new language as its properties are discovered.

This engaging set of early years resources invite scooping, sieving and filling containers in a wonderful interactive way, to encourage children to learn about volume and movement. Carefully chosen for early years, this Sand In Miniature Resource Collection will provide unique opportunities to build core curriculum knowledge. 

By offering a wide variety of authentic objects children can experiment and investigate in imaginative ways. Learning how to pour sand through, onto and into objects as well as how to fill and empty containers using spoons and scoops of different shapes and sizes, developing fine motor skills through key interactive activities.

This Sand In Miniature Resource Collection includes:

  • wooden sand tools featuring medium and large wooden scoops, spoons, egg cups and bowls, complete with a wooden barrel
  • metal sand tools featuring 3 smooth round moulds, 2 metal buckets with handles, 3 metal sieves, 2 mini spice funnels and a complete set of metal capacity scoops, complete with a 12 cup mini baking tin
  • assorted large natural shells
  • Weight, quantity, size and appearance may vary for all natural products
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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