Set of Graded Funnels

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Instil a sense of investigation in young children with this Set of Graded Funnels. An exciting addition for the dry sand provision, children will enjoy gauging how to fill and empty containers as they transport dry sand - exploring how this open-ended, natural resource can change as they begin to learn key mathematical and scientific concepts.


Encourage exploration and investigation in young children with this Set of Graded Funnels. With many different uses, children will enjoy experimenting with the movement and force which comes with pouring, filling and transporting dry sand in new ways.

Featuring robust plastic scientific funnels, this set supports broader learning and development concepts such as developing co-ordination and control of objects, as well as encouraging new language to ask questions and describe materials’ properties.

An engaging resource that will enhance the sand play area, this ready-made set supports early mathematical and scientific thinking from a young age.

This Set of Graded Funnels includes:

  • 3 plastic science funnels featuring two 7.5cm and one 14cm
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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