Anatomical Teeth Set

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This Anatomical Teeth Set features a realistic set of teeth on a hinged base, chosen to support skills in questioning, observation and examination. As children engage in All About Me activities investigating how our bodies are made, grow and function, this will provoke ideas and discussions about living things, inside and out.



This realistic Anatomical Teeth Set will encourage children to learn about the human body, specially the development of healthy teeth, which is ideal to explore at this age.

Featuring a full set of realistic adult teeth, this hinged 3D dental model can be thoroughly examined as children look closely at the groves and structures of an adult set of teeth - a great resource to use in the classroom to support the development of physical, social and emotional development.

Great when paired with our Set of Small Mirrors to encourage questioning and close observation from young children.

To inspire and extend your STEM and scientific provisional areas, take a look at our Science Investigations collections to help refresh your classrooms!

This Anatomical Teeth set features:

  • a 3D model of pretend teeth, on a hinged opening mouth, approx. 10cm x 9cm x 7cm
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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