Set of Geometric Shapes

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This essential Set of Geometric Shapes features a set of 3D geometric maths shapes that will encourage children to explore geometry, volume and other measurement concepts. Offering an inviting range of science and maths resources for children to explore mathematical thinking, language and tessellation, will enrich STEM learning.



This Set of Geometric Shapes offers lots of learning opportunities for children to engage in early STEM concepts, in addition to developing key mathematical thinking. Children can explore colour, light, pattern and shape, as well as develop positional language skills as they experiment with this key scientific and mathematical resource set.

Children have the opportunity to learn new mathematical terms of these coloured 2D shapes as they then build them into 3D solid shapes – featuring removable bases also allows for relating 2D shapes to 3D solids. An ideal set to support physical development through collaborative play and extend learning of science and maths.

To refresh your maths and science provision, take a look at our extensive collections for inspiration!

This Set of Geometric Shapes includes:

  • Set of 14 Geometric shapes, approx. 3cm-6cm with removable bases – allowing for 2D and 3D shapes, features Cubes and Rectangles in varying sizes, a Pentagonal Prism, Large Triangular Prism, Small Triangular Prism, Square Pyramid and Triangular Pyramid, small and large Cylinders, a Cone, Sphere and Hemisphere shapes
  • Easy to fill with liquid or dry-fill, and easy to clean
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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