Set of Small Mirrors

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From an early age children are fascinated with the concept of reflection, observing their expressions in mirrors or reflective surfaces, noticing how things look and move, this Set of Small Mirrors will support their curiosity at this early stage of development. As children investigate colour and light during science activities, they can examine and experiment with reflections they can make, using these little handheld mirrors.


This Set of Small Mirrors, featured in simple recognisable shapes, can be used across many areas within your classroom. Making them an essential early years resource to utilise within the provision.

Offering this accessible set of handheld mirrors as key resources in your science provision, provides children the opportunity to investigate colour and light, and also allows children to look closely at themselves and examine their physical features. Whether the mirrors form a part of a STEM activity where the human body is discussed, or they are used for light and colour scientific experiments, this essential set is sure to become a favourite resource in the classroom.

An ideal set to support physical development through collaborative play and extend learning of science and maths.

This Set of Small Mirrors includes:

  • Set of 6 flexible mirrors featuring 2 square approx. 9.5cm x 9.5cm x 0.2cm, 2 round approx. 9.5cm Dia and 2 rectangular, approx. 19cm x 14.5cm x 0.2cm
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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