Set of Capacity Beakers

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Children will enjoy investigating the properties of wet sand with this engaging Set of Capacity Beakers. Enabling your children to use both science and maths skills, children will spend time filling, emptying and learning how to make these actions smoothly.


This Set of Capacity Beakers will enable your children to use both science and maths skills as they explore and begin to understand the properties of dry and wet sand. As children play and experiment with this open-ended resource, they will begin to seek different ways of manipulating its form as they pour and move the sand, developing a deeper understanding of capacity and volume.

Enjoy this set as part of your carefully planned wet sand area to ensure you can grow and aid children’s mathematical and scientific thinking from early years and beyond. With strong lifting tabs for ease of carrying and made from resilient material for durability, this set offers a rich variety of opportunities to develop fluency, reasoning and also approach problem solving in new ways.

This Set of Capacity Beakers includes:

  • 4 plastic capacity cup measures, features 125, 250, 500 cubic centimetres and holds 1L of fluid respectively
  • Graduated in size
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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