Little Red Riding Hood Book & Character Set

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This ready-made Little Red Riding Hood Book & Character Set features the storybook along with a set of detailed wooden play figures - great to help this famous fairy tale come to life! Essential resources to help create exciting story sacks and to support communication and language development in early years.



Encourage imaginative play and support confidence in speaking and listening among early years children with this Little Red Riding Hood Book & Character Set.

Including four wooden play figures to inspire children to engage in narrative play as story sacks are shared. Perfect for story sequencing activities as children experiment with new vocabulary and develop an understanding of story structure.

Offering story props and toys alongside reading materials will inspire children's involvement in the stories they share. Children will enjoy joining in with the rhymes and phrases from this popular children's tale.

This Little Red Riding Hood Book & Character Set includes:

  • the hardback storybook, complete with 4 wooden models including Grandma, Wolf, Wood Cutter and Little Red Riding Hood
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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