Set of Letter Stampers (Lower Case)

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Support children as they give meanings to the marks they make with this Set of Letter Stampers (Lower Case). Featuring soft easy grip stampers and a set of colourful ink stamp pads, children will enjoy building simple words, spelling out and saying sounds.


Encourage children's engagement with letters and word building with this Set of Letter Stampers (Lower Case). Featuring soft chunky letter stampers, with four colourful ink pads, this vibrant set is sure to inspire young children as they create new words and develop their early writing skills.

Through child-led, adult supported play, children will experiment with their writing and mark making skills from the early years and beyond – producing drawing and writing with increasing skill so they can record their ideas.

Whether working independently or collaboratively with adults, children will enjoy all of their explorations.

This Set of Letter Stampers (Lower Case) includes:

  • Set of 26 easy grip print stampers, approx. 4cm Dia, complete with a set of 4 ink stamp pads, approx. 7cm x 7m
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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