Set of Animal 10's

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This Set of Animal 10's offers a fun selection of themed mathematical counters to help make maths learning fun for early years children. Featuring mini figures of penguins, wildlife and pet animals, this super set of tiny animals are ideal for maths games board pieces and are useful for teaching counting and number.


This Set of Animal 10's includes a collection of themed miniature maths counters, to support early years children as they learn about number, sorting and counting. Offering ready-made counting sets in the provision will inspire children's learning and extend their understanding of maths concepts. 

Including mini penguins, wildlife and pet animal models these small play figures are ideal for teaching basic maths. Wonderful when paired with a variety of maths games boards for children to engage and interact with playful activities.

Although challenging to get right, a carefully planned maths area provides a wide range of open-ended and teaching resources. Children will enjoy being able to freely sort, match, order and compare, as they learn about number through games, rhymes and songs.

This Set of Animal 10's includes:

  • 30 mini animal counters features 10 dogs, 10 wild animals and 10 penguins
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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