Set of Coloured Sorting Discs

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This Set of Coloured Sorting Discs features four primary colours with a tactile smooth wooden surface. Make maths fun with this essential set of colourful wooden counting discs - children will enjoy counting out, sorting and comparing sizes using these circular maths discs.


In four different colours, children will love counting out and comparing sizes with this Set of Coloured Sorting Discs. A selection of circular wooden coloured discs will naturally steer children to mathematical thinking.

Exploring number, space, shape and measure through hands on, open-ended activities and games brings maths to life. Although challenging to get right, a carefully planned maths area provides a wide range of natural resources. Children will love being able to sort, match, order and compare, while learning about number through games, rhymes and songs. With encouragement and support, children will soon know how to use the coloured sorting discs independently. Children will become engaged in meaningful experiences that lay down strong foundations for later learning in maths.

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This Set of Coloured Sorting Discs includes:

  • 20 pcs Red 6cm discs
  • 10 pcs Yellow 4cm discs
  • 15 pcs Blue 5cm discs
  • 25 pcs Green 3cm discs
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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