Complete Small Construction Area 4-5yrs

£865.00 exc. VAT (£1,038.00 inc. VAT)

Provide a range of open-ended opportunities to encourage children’s creative expression and imagination with this Complete Small Construction Area 4-5yrs. As children play, build and explore this ready-made complete provision area, they will develop problem solving skills and their creative thinking.



Providing a range of open-ended opportunities will develop fine motor skills and problem solving capabilities as children build sophisticated structures during constructive play. This Complete Small Construction Area 4-5yrs will encourage child-led, adult supported play and will inspire children to revisit building and construction activities time and time again.

As children learn concepts of size, shape, space and measure they develop mathematical knowledge and critical thinking skills, developing their gross and fine motor skills as they are presented with physical challenges. Children will enjoy exploring this comprehensive area, featuring easy-to-use plastic and wooden tools, hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, wheels, pivots, nuts, bolts, blocks and spanners.

Including our high-quality classroom furniture and a curated set of plastic tubs, trays and boxes to effectively store and display resources, investing in this ready-made provision area will provide you with a rapid solution in creating an inspiring Small Construction area. Watch your children's ideas and creative expression flourish as they design their own models and deepen their understanding of how things work!

This Complete Small Construction Area 4-5yrs includes:

  • High Level Shelving Unit
  • Small Construction Resource Collection 4-5yrs
  • Small Construction Storage Collection 4-5yrs
  • Suitable for age 4 and over

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