Block Enhancement Set

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This ready-made Block Enhancement Set features unique play shapes, pieces and objects to extend learning. Offering assorted wooden stacking blocks, resources and simple peg doll people in the provision will provide children with open-ended learning opportunities. Allowing them to freely express their ideas and designs.


Block play offers children a fantastic opportunity to express their ideas through open-ended and creative resources.This ready-made Block Enhancement Set features unique wooden play blocks in a variety of shapes and sizes, including peg doll people and flexible, string people figures. Stored and displayed in a set of wooden rectangular boxes.

Offering a variety of special stacking blocks, 2D cut out shapes and 3D wooden objects will support spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination in early learners. Promote problem solving skills with this essential playset as EYFS and KS1 children balance and stack blocks as they build and construct imaginative designs.

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This Block Enhancement Set includes:

  • 2 separate plywood box containers – lightweight, approx. W19.5cm + 22.5cm; H27cm + 31cm and D12.5cm
  • Set of pre-cut MDF wooden 2D shapes
  • Set of 8 wooden peg doll people
  • Set of 8 string flexible people figures
  • Pack of craft wooden spools
  • Set of 4 wooden ladders, approx. L20cm
  • Set of mini wooden toadstools, approx. 2cm - 8cm
  • Set of mini wooden trees, approx 2cm - 8cm
  • Assorted 3D wooden play blocks featuring cones, spools, semi-spheres, discs, rings and barrels
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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