Landscape Scenery Set

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Support imaginative thinking and language skills with our ready-made Landscape Scenery Set. Children can use this set of small world props and accessories, to enrich their woodland scenes and extend their stories about being deep in the forest!


This Landscape Scenery Set offers a selection of open-ended resources that will support imaginative thinking and story telling skills during exploration and play. As children use this wonderful set of small world enhancements they can share their ideas of imagined environments and unique habitats!

The mix of natural resources and craft materials will add an extra dimension to small world play. Children can create replicas of the forest floor using the selection of loose parts, natural materials and can use the assorted fabric pieces as bases for fantasy worlds for fluttering fairies and magical unicorns.

Offering a good range of open-ended resources within the provision will support children’s communication and language skills at this early stage of development.

This Landscape Scenery Set includes:

  • Assorted Natural Materials featuring wooden slices and discs, Canoinhas Pods, Pine Cones, Elephant Ears, willow sticks and 3 pcs of assorted natural coffee wood
  • 4 Assorted Fabric Squares
  • S4 MDF Cut Out Wooden trees
  • Suitable for age 5 and over

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