Set of Small World Base Rugs

Code: AC05
£39.95 exc. VAT (£47.94 inc. VAT)
Add practical resources in the provision to enrich learning opportunities during play. Our Set of Small World Base Rugs are ideal to use for children to replicate landscapes for their small world animals and people - setting scenes for their play figures.


Replicate great outdoor terrains with these fantastic Set of Small World Base Rugs for a truly sensory and immersive learning experience. The alternative neutral colours provided by the rugs will help to enhance and bring storytelling to life as children imagine woodland scenes, create natural habitats and magical landscapes.

Made from robust, strong materials, these rugs have been designed for consistent use in energetic and lively activities, the mats are an essential in all educational environments and are great when used as bases for areas of play.

This Set of Small World Base Rugs includes:

  • Set of 4 rugs in 4 assorted colours
  • Please note we recommend the use of anti-slip grip underlay with all rugs to prevent sliding and curling of edges or corners
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

Many of our resources are produced in a variety of colours and styles and may vary slightly from those shown, however we guarantee that you will always receive the same quality and value.


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