Creative Materials Complete Collection 3-7yrs

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Establish the benefits of outdoor learning with this Creative Materials Complete Collection 3-7yrs. Transient art offers opportunities for children to engage in loose parts play - allowing them to represent their ideas and develop their fine motor skills.


This Creative Materials Complete Collection 3-7yrs features a unique set of open-ended early years learning resources. Establish the benefits of outdoor learning with this curated collection of natural materials to spark curiosity and imagination.

Expressive Art and Design offers wonderful opportunities for children to explore and represent their ideas whilst developing concentration and fine motor skills in the process. Whether working independently using the flat weaving mats or in group activities to create 3D designs, children can express their ideas and develop dexterity with these high-quality weaving materials and loose parts play pieces.

Children will enjoy the challenge of creating patterned designs using the natural frames and colourful weaving materials. The larger frames can also be used collaboratively, whilst the smaller frames encourage children to engage in independent transient art work.

This Creative Materials Complete Collection 3-7yrs includes:

  • 3 Willow Obelisks in graduating sizes, approx. 120cm, 100cm and 80cm
  • 12 Weaving Rings includes 3 of each size, approx. 22cm, 25cm and 30cm craft rings
  • 6 Weaving Mats features 3 square and 3 rectangular
  • Assorted wooden resources features a pack of Wooden Pegs, approx. 60pcs and Wooden Rings in graduating sizes from 3.4cm – 7cm, approx 60pcs
  • Assorted range of natural resources features 16 Pine Cones, 14 Taru Pods and approx. 500g Natural Bamboo Circles
  • Assorted soft craft, colourful materials features 2 Sari Ribbons, 3 Raffia bundles, 3 rolls of Twine approx. L120cm and 2 soft Felt Strings
  • Set of 2 Seagrass multi-compartment baskets, each approx. 37.5cm x 37.5cm
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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