Building & Constructing Complete Collection 3-7yrs

Code: ODBC01
£1,275.00 exc. VAT (£1,530.00 inc. VAT)

This ready-made Building & Constructing Complete Collection 3-7yrs provides a range of open-ended resources, materials and larger scale equipment for your outdoor area. Offer rich opportunities for children to engage in extra challenges outside of the classroom, to help support physical skills and critical thinking.


This ready-made Building & Constructing Complete Collection 3-7yrs offers a range of open-ended materials to enhance outdoor learning. Including crates, poles and planks, tyres, wheels and den covers. From simple structures to big builds, the opportunities for creative expression and critical thinking are immense.

Communication and language skills will develop as will physical abilities, as children learn to stack and balance the crates and poles featured in this set. Offer this ready-made set of robust outdoor play equipment to support extra challenge for young learners.

The open-ended nature of these resources will test children’s physical ability, stimulate creativity and inspire closer collaboration, as well as generate lots of problems to solve. Help establish the benefits of outdoor learning with this essential outdoor play kit.

Combine with the ready made storage solution, Building & Constructing Storage Collection, to keep your Building & Constructing Collection organised and enticing to children.

This Building & Constructing Complete Collection 3-7yrs includes:

  • 4 Blue Crates, approx. L65.5cm x W54cm x D18.5cm
  • 16 Red Crates, approx. L36.5cm x W28.5cm x D30.5cm
  • 2 Green Stacking Crates, approx. L76.5cm x W45.5cm x D17.5cm
  • 4 machine finished Wooden Poles approx. L120cm x Dia 2.5cm and 4 Wooden Planks, 2 approx. L115cm and 2 approx. L88cm
  • 2 Steering Wheels
  • 4 Tyres with rubber wheels, approx. Dia 37cm
  • 2 Black Plastic Pipes, approx. L50cm x Dia 11cm and L50cm x Dia 16cm
  • 1 Medium Plastic Tub, approx. H29cm x Dia 43cm
  • 1 child-sized Sack Cart, approx. H73cm x W31cm x D41cm
  • 10 Metal Clips, approx. 15cm x 10.5cm x 2 cm
  • 1 Waterproof Den Cover, approx. 250cm x 145cm
  • 2 Colourful Fabric Den Covers, approx. 200cm x 240cm and 210cm x 240cm
  • 1 Thick Fishing Net, approx. 150 x 200cm
  • 1 Camouflage Net, approx. 300cm x 105cm
  • Orange Plastic Netting, approx. 4m length total
  • Green Screen Knitted Nets, approx. 4m length total
  • 2 Pulleys with Rope
  • 2 Willow Baskets with handles, approx. H24cm x W20cm x D11cm
  • 3 Black Chalk Boards, approx. 21cm x 16cm
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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