Role Play Camping Complete Collection 3-7yrs

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This Role Play Camping Complete Collection 3-7yrs offers real-life equipment for children to create a role play camp site. Includes a wooden den frame, cooking tools, blankets and waterproof groundsheet. Inspire outdoor learning with this essential set.


Establish the benefits of outdoor learning with this ready-made Role Play Camping Complete Collection 3-7yrs. Featuring a wooden den frame with metal clips, cooking tools, plastic food, pull-along trolley, rucksacks, cushions, blankets and waterproof groundsheet. This essential camp set will support imaginative play as children actively learn through outdoor role play.

Offering real-life equipment in the provision will immerse children in rich pretend play. See your children mimic familiar roles as they build their camp site, preparing and cooking pretend grub. Add the Role Play Picnic Collection for the full camping holiday experience! Offering outdoor resources that encourage collaborative play will support communication and language skills as children create their own make believe scenarios together.

Combine with the ready made storage solution, Role Play Camping Storage Collection, to keep your Role Play Camping Collection organised and enticing to children.

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This Role Play Camping Complete Collection 3-7yrs includes:

  • 1 Wooden Den Frame with Velcro Braces and Fitted Den Cover, approx. H102.5cm x W196.5cm
  • 1 Tarpaulin Ground sheet
  • 10 Metal Den Clips
  • 1 child-sized pull along cart
  • 1 Fleece Waterproof Picnic Rug
  • 4 Fleece Pillows, approx. L40cm x W30cm
  • 4 Fleece Throws, approx. L100cm x W72.5cm
  • 2 Rucksacks
  • Set of Pretend Food includes 4 sausages and 4 hamburgers
  • Camping Utensils includes 1 kettle, 2 flasks, 4 mugs, 4 teaspoons, 4 dessert spoons and 4 plates and bowls, a frying pan, food tongs and a hamburger turner
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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