Role Play Occupations Complete Collection 3-7yrs

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This Role Play Occupations Complete Collection 3-7yrs captures children's fascinations with incidents and accidents, while developing their confidence and social skills. Pretend play allows children to act out their ideas together, working collaboratively as they experience many familiar roles in their community.


This Role Play Occupations Complete Collection 3-7yrs offers a wealth of dressing-up clothes and props to captivate children’s pretend play. As they explore the world - attending an accident, putting out fires, digging up roads or directing traffic, children will become highly engaged in collaborative, language rich play. 

Real life role play offers a great opportunity for children to develop their social abilities, along with their communication and language skills, as they work together to re-enact familiar experiences and events, exploring make believe with their own stories. 

Combine with the ready made storage solution, Role Play Occupations Storage Collection, to keep your Occupations Resources organised and enticing to children.

This Complete Occupations Resource Collection includes:

  • Paramedic Dressing Up Set, includes a Set of 2 Paramedic Jackets, Set of 2 Bandages, Set of 2 Emergency Blankets, Set of 2 Slings and 1 Paramedic Utility Box, approx. 36cm x 14cm x15cm, capacity 5L
  • Construction Worker Dressing Up Set, includes 2 Construction Helmets, 2 Hi Viz Vests, a Set of 10 Small Orange Cone
  • Police Officer Dressing Up Set, includes a Set of 2 Police Tabards and Hats, a Set of 2 Police Officer's Notebook and Pencils
  • Firefighter Dressing Up Set, includes a Set of 2 Firefighter Jackets and Helmets, 1 Yellow Hose, approx. 15metres, with a set of 2 changeable hose ends
  • Engineer Dressing Up Set, includes a Set of 2 Engineer Overalls and Hats, 1 A4 Clipboard, a Set of Tools includes hammers, pliers and wrench and 1 Wooden Table Tidy
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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