Mud Kitchen Complete Collection 3-7yrs

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Refresh your outdoor play station with this ready-made Mud Kitchen Complete Collection 3-7yrs. Curated to inspire children to engage in sensory play as they pretend to cook, bake or create magical potions, using mud, sand, water and sticks.


As children engage in imaginative and sensory play using our Mud Kitchen Complete Collection 3-7yrs, they will explore their investigative skills as they scoop and stir, mix and mould, pour and whisk - using soil and mud as they learn and play.

Mud Kitchens are great for developing children’s physical skills and co-ordination, for creative thinking and problem solving, collaborative play, social and emotional development, as well as language and communication. Whether its cake making in a pretend kitchen or a wizard’s cavern with magical spells and potions, children can explore endless ideas with this extensive Mud Kitchen collection.

In early years, children need a variety of opportunities to stimulate their investigative and imaginative thinking. Providing a well-organised, dedicated wooden mud kitchen workstation, along with a good range of equipment that can be used to experience the natural world and create stories with small world resources, this will support the development of many aspects of children's early learning.

Combine with the ready made storage solution, Mud Kitchen Storage Collection, to keep your Mud Kitchen Complete Collection organised and enticing to children.

This Mud Kitchen Complete Collection 3-7yrs includes:

  • Mud Kitchen Bench with removable Sink – Dimensions – Height 52cm x Width 44cm x Length 83cm, back panel height 30cm
  • Mud Kitchen Bench with built in Hob – Dimensions – Height 66cm x Width 50cm x Length 93cm, back panel height 30cm
  • Stainless steel utensil hanging rack
  • Set of graduated round black plastic trays
  • Set of plastic cauldrons
  • Set of utensils including wooden spoons, acrylic basters, a set of stainless steel utensils – mashers, spoons, ladles and turners
  • Set of squeezy plastic sauce bottles, in different sizes
  • Set of plastic jugs – 1 pint and 2 pint
  • 20 mini chalkboards
  • An assortment of different sized recycled plastic black tubs with handles
  • Set of Balti stainless steel dishes
  • Set of cooking and frying pans – 14cm and 18cm
  • Large black plastic octagonal tuff spot tray – 100cm diameter x 10cm deep wall
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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