Set of Assorted Black Trugs

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This Set of Assorted Black Trugs are essential resources for any outdoor mud kitchen. Great for messy play with sand, soil and water, children will enjoy using the flexible tubs for mixing, carrying and transporting natural materials.


This Set of Assorted Black Trugs includes four recycled plastic tubs with carry handles. Robust and durable for outdoor use, this ready-made set of buckets and containers are ideal additions for the mud kitchen.

Children will enjoy filling and carrying the trugs as they transport resources and outdoor sensory materials together. Using the mixing tubs as they pretend role play cooking. Engaging in imaginative play as they make messy mud pies and mix magical potions!

Providing a well-organised, dedicated mud kitchen workstation, along with a range of practical equipment will stimulate investigation and inspire creative thinking in early years.

This Set of Assorted Black Trugs includes:

  • 4 flexible outdoor tubs with integral handles featuring 1 mini shallow tub, approx. H28cm x Dia 28cm, weight 200g, volume 5L; 1 small shallow tub, approx. H16cm x Dia 39cm, weight 400g, volume 15L; 1 medium tub, approx. H23cm x Dia 33cm, weight 400g, volume 14L and 1 large tub, approx. H30cm x Dia 39cm, weight 650g, volume 26L
  • Light weight, non-toxic, weather resistant
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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