Set of Mini Trugs & Clips

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A Set of Mini Trugs & Clips are essential resources for any outdoor mud kitchen. Inspire children to engage in messy play as they explore this popular work station to role play cooking using mud, sand, and water.


This Set of Mini Trugs & Clips includes 10 miniature recycled plastic tubs with carry handles and a set of 20 mini clip-on blackboards for labelling and numbering items. Ideal resources to promote mark making in the outdoor environment. Children will enjoy carrying their individual tubs, carefully placing found natural objects inside the pots, while sharing their ideas about the natural world.

Mud Kitchens are great for developing children’s physical skills and co-ordination, for creative thinking and problem solving, collaborative play, social and emotional development, as well as language and communication. Whether its cake making in a pretend kitchen or a wizard’s cavern with magical spells and potions, children can explore endless ideas.

Providing a well-organised, dedicated mud kitchen workstation, along with a range of equipment to support investigation will stimulate imaginative play and creative thinking in early years.

This Set of Mini Trugs and Clips includes:

  • 10 recycled black, plastic tub trugs with carry handles, approx. H7cm, x Dia 9.5cm, 30g weight
  • 20 mini blackboards with clothes peg clip on function, approx. L7cm x W5cm
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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