Set of A4 Calculators

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This Set of A4 Calculators offers two large format calculators for outdoor use. Featuring simple, multi-functional operations with larger, easy to read numbers. Support early years children as they explore simple calculations when playing outdoor games.


This Set of A4 Calculators supports basic maths calculations. Displaying larger format numbers and maths operations, these lightweight calculators are perfect for outdoor learning.

Each calculator has easy to use buttons and features a large screen for younger children. With a carefully planned maths area, both in the outdoor and indoor environment, you will support a wide range of learning opportunities to develop children’s mathematical thinking. The calculators offer a rich array of ways to develop speech, reason and also tackle problem solving in creative ways.

Children need opportunities to develop their mathematical thinking across all areas of learning. For children, exploring number through hands on activities and games will help make maths fun. Offering lots of activities to learn about number through games, rhymes and songs, this will make a great start for later learning.

This Set of A4 Calculators features:

  • 2 Giant A4 Calculators, approx. 30cm x 21cm
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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