Exploring Nature Complete Collection 3-7yrs

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Engage early years children in enquiry with this Exploring Nature Complete Collection 3-7yrs. Includes practical tools to help observe weather changes, measure climate movements and present findings from the natural environment. Includes bug jars, pots and trays for the close inspection of garden wildlife!


Establish the benefits of outdoor learning with this ready-made Exploring Nature Complete Collection 3-7yrs. Featuring engaging and interactive early years resources to measure weather changes, experiment through enquiry and look closely at the wonders of the world.

The outdoor classroom offers a dynamic learning environment to support understanding of the world, collaborative play and communication and language skills as children share findings and problem solve as they experience the great outdoors. Featuring rainbow bright wind toys, mini beast bug hunt kits, tough spot trays and recording equipment, young children will love exploring the natural world using these high-quality STEM resources. 

Children’s interest in their immediate environment can be nurtured through the provision of resources to collect, observe, classify and question. Offering children regular opportunities to explore these skills will enrich learning of scientific concepts at an early age.

Combine with the ready made storage solution, Exploring Nature Storage Collection, to keep your Exploring Nature resources organised and enticing to children.

This Exploring Nature Complete Collection 3-7yrs includes:

  • Mini beast hunt kit featuring 3 Magnifiers, approx. L23cm x 8cm Dia, 3 Clear Magnifiers, approx. L18.5cm x 80cm Dia, 3 Pooters approx. 5.5cm, 3 Bug Jars with Handle, approx. L9cm x W8cm x D9cm, 3 Mini Bug Pots, approx. 5cm x 5cm, 4 Collecting Pots capacity 60ml
  • Recording equipment featuring 6 Transparent Square Grids, approx. 20cm x 20cm, 14 Mini Boardmarker Pens, includes 6 black and 8 assorted coloured pens, 3 A4 Wooden Clipboards, 3 A4 Whiteboards, 2 A4 Weather Charts, 1 landscape and 1 portrait
  • Weather measurement apparatus featuring 1 Weather Vane, approx. L21cm x W21.5cm x D9.5cm, 1 Rain Gauge L17.5cm x W9cm and 1 Classroom Thermometer, approx. L31.8cm x D0.5cm
  • Wind toys featuring 3 Rainbow Twisters, 3 Spots Windmills, approx. L42cm x W18cm, 6 assorted coloured rhythm ribbons, approx. L1.8m with plastic wand handle L23cm, 1 Magic Wheel, approx. L20cm, 1 Rainbow Spinner Twist, approx. L32cm x W24cm, 1 Turbine, approx. 60cm, 1 Rainbow Twirl Seagull Spinner and a Set of 6 Multi Colour Windmills, approx. 30cm x 11cm each
  • 6 Wooden Rings, approx. 35cm Dia and 22cm Dia
  • 6 Plastic Square Trays, approx. 40cm x 40cm and 30cm x 30cm
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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