Set of Sweeping Brushes

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This Set of Brushes can be used for creative mark making during water play and investigation activities. Additionally, these practical resources will also encourage children to help keep things tidy. Essential child-sized sweeping brushes to help teach practical skills and develop physical skills.


This practical Set of Brushes will encourage children to interact with their outdoor environment. Whether exploring water play or helping with keeping the garden tidy, these child-sized sweeping brushes are essential outdoor resources.

Having the opportunity to experiment with water using a variety of equipment on a larger scale, is exciting for early learners. By providing children with a variety of resources and play opportunities for experimenting with water, mark making and garden activities, will enrich learning. Including practical tools in the provision will also support physical development, co-ordination and control in young children. 

Establish the benefits of outdoor learning and refresh your provision with these hard bristled sweeping brushes.

This Set of Brushes includes:

  • 4 easy-grip hard bristled brooms, approx. L77cm
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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