Water Investigations Complete Collection 3-7yrs

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Establish the benefits of outdoor learning with this ready-made Water Investigations Complete Collection 3-7yrs. Features a curated set of resources chosen to support problem solving and communication skills. Children will enjoy investigating the properties of water and how it flows as they experiment with this larger-scale water play equipment.


Provide the opportunity to explore water on a grand scale with this Water Investigations Complete Collection 3-7yrs. With a range of quality, open-ended materials which can be used in problem solving activities, children will love finding out about how to move, redirect, capture and transport water.

Water play offers fantastic provocations to support and extend children’s language for thinking, science, maths and mark making. Children will become deeply absorbed in problem solving when exploring this water play equipment; a collection that offers many opportunities for engagement and interaction.

With large-scale guttering, pipes and tubing along with buckets, bowls, trays and much more, this ready-made collection comes complete with all the resources children need to investigate water outdoors. It includes carefully chosen, large-scale equipment that children will delight in using as they explore the properties of water. 

Combine with the ready made storage solution, Water Investigations Storage Collection, to keep your Water Investigations Collection organised and enticing to children.

This Water Investigations Complete Collection 3-7yrs includes:

  • 4 Water Channel Guttering Stands
  • 2 Green Trugs features 1 Large Green Shallow Trug, approx. H16cm x 57cm Dia - capacity 35L and 1 Small Green Trug, approx. H23cm x 33cm Dia - capacity 14L
  • 7 Wooden Paint Brushes features 3”, 4”, 8” paper brush, 1 round brush and 3 grey paint brushes
  • 3 Water Spray Bottles
  • 4 Large Acrylic Basters
  • Plastic Tubes & Connectors, featuring 8 clear tubes in 2 sizes with 8 clear connectors
  • Large Clear Flexible Tubing, including 2 pieces approx. L1.5mtr x 19mm Dia each and 1 piece approx. L2mtr x 25mm Dia
  • Round Thin Guttering includes 3 round thin guttering, featuring 2 pieces approx. 80cm and 1 piece approx. 120cm each, and 4 Guttering, featuring 2 pieces approx. L100cm and 2 pieces approx. L150cm each
  • 4 Black Drain Pipes, 40mm Dia. Includes 2 L50cm, 1 L100cm and 1 L150cm
  • 2 Black Swept Bends, including 1 approx. 92.5 degree and 1 approx. 135 degree
  • 3 Black Coupling Fittings
  • 5 Green Marble Bowls, includes 10", 12”, 14”, 16” and 18” plastic bowls
  • 2 Green Scrunch Buckets, each approx. L14cm x H13cm x W14cm
  • 2 Brooms, each approx. L77cm
  • 3 Mixing Jugs, features 1 Pt, 2 Pt and 3.5 Pt plastic jugs
  • 2 Watering Cans, includes 1L capacity and 1.5L capacity
  • 1 Large Black Rectangular Tray, approx. L100cm x W55cm x D15cm
  • 2 Jerry Cans, includes 20L and 10L cans
  • 2 Paint Kettles, includes 1 black kettle, capacity 2L and 1 white kettle, capacity 2.5L
  • Paint Rollers with Frames, includes 2 furry, 2 foam mini roller sleeves and 3 mini roller frames
  • 6 Clear Plant Pots, includes 2 large approx. H18.5cm, 2 medium approx. H16cm and 2 small approx. H13cm
  • 2 Rectangular Silver Bowls, including 1 large approx. H38cm x W32cm x D13cm and 1 small approx. H32cm x W28cm x D13cm
  • 2 Silver Buckets 5L
  • 2 Funnels in sizes 13cm and 18cm
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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