Large Mirror Box

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Children will enjoy investigating, experimenting with ideas and hypothesizing to reach their own conclusions with this Large Mirror Box. This essential resource will support early years children as they explore patterns and changes, and examine objects more closely from different angles.



Inspire early years children to explore patterns and examine objects from different angles with this Large Mirror Box. Featuring a table top mirrored infinity space to reflect resources at all angles! Evoking a sense of awe and wonder at physical science and our world.

As children rearrange objects and notice similarities and differences, they can investigate their ideas as well as hypothesize to reach their own conclusions. Made from robust birch plywood with a stable base and rubber feet to protect surfaces, this mirrored box will support early years children as they explore colours, patterns and change.

An essential early years resource to support broader learning as children develop fine motor skills by handling a variety of tools and materials inside this reflective box.

This Large Mirror Box features:

  • 1 Large Mirror Box, made from birch plywood, with a stable base and rubber feet for protection and safety
  • Suitable for age 2 and over

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