Compact Store with Black Storage Trugs

£495.00 exc. VAT (£594.00 inc. VAT)

This Compact Store with Black Storage Trugs is a highly practical, complete storage solution for your outdoor provision.  The Compact Store, featuring double door opening, self sprung lid and 2 wooden shelves, provides an accessible and enticing space to organise outdoor resources.

The accessible trug storage in varying sizes, presents children with the opportunity to safely and independently choose their resources with confidence, giving them more time to play, learn and explore their outdoor provision.



Invest in this Compact Store with Black Storage Trugs to achieve an enticing and well organised outside play area. The Compact Store offers ample storage with 2 wooden shelves which can be positioned at interchangeable heights or removed completely to suit your provision needs.

Support children to develop independence and self-esteem. Open the store using the door and floor bolts, then lift the self sprung lid with ease. Children will quickly learn how to open the store and be enthused to independently access and select their outdoor provision, along with tidying up ready for the next day.

Choosing accessible storage solutions supports an effortless “tidy up time” routine, teaching children the importance of maintaining organised provision areas to create more time to play and learn.

The Compact Store is complete with an assortment of small, medium and large trugs, providing a flexible outdoor storage solution. The trugs are hardwearing, weatherproof and made of flexible recycled plastic allowing the material to flex as children lift the trugs from the wooden shelves. The trugs are lightweight and feature easy to grip handles for children to lift with ease and transport to their desired area.

Fully resource the black trugs with Early Excellence outdoor resources to create an engaging and enticing outdoor provision area for EYFS and KS1 children. The small trugs provide storage for smaller natural materials or exploring nature resources including the Set of Bug Jars & Magnifiers.  The medium are excellent for storing games resources including Outdoor Dice. The large trugs offer an accommodating 26L capacity, allowing for larger items such as outdoor vehicles, dinosaurs and role play outfits.

The Compact Store is an affordable, weather resistant storage unit and provides a dry and protected space to efficiently store outdoor equipment and resources. Assembled on site with 2 wooden shelves and is made of high quality recyclable materials. The store must be bolted to a level and even ground which our delivery team will install in your desired area as part of the installation service.

This Compact Store with Black Storage Trugs Features:

  • Compact Store Unit, approx. H125cm x W146cm x D82cm featuring self sprung lid and 2 removable wooden shelves
  • 4 small, shallow black trugs approx. H28cm x Dia 28cm, volume 5L
  • 4 medium black trugs, approx. H23cm x Dia 33cm, volume 14L 
  • 5 large black trugs approx. H30cm x Dia 39cm, volume 26L
  • Assembled on site. The store requires a level and even ground or base for the installation team to bolt the store into the ground for additional security and stability.  

Many of our resources are produced in a variety of colours and styles and may vary slightly from those shown, however we guarantee that you will always receive the same quality and value.

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